BC Backhoe - This guy does driveways, basements, new construction...
Early sketch for Little Tikes Big Adventures Line. Characters would bob up on down driven by a camshaft on the front axle.
Wet & Wild Waterpark - The original sketch for the production toy! See the production version in the "Toys" folder.
Spiralin' Seas Waterpak - The original sketch for the production toy: see the production unit in the "Toys" folder.
John Deere Backhoe Toy - Concept just for fun
BC Builders Play-Doh - Press down on the dude's hands to extrude doh out his ears, tongue, and hair. Slider chooses his hairstyle. Stone Age Scissors cuts the dew down to size. Mold T-Rex some play-doh dinner and them chomp down to extrude doh in a variety of shapes. Mold some boulders for Mt. Doom. Place one on the spiral ramp, and the rest in the top. When the rolling boulder hits the orange gate, the volcano explodes shooting doh boulders skyward. Dudes get bowled over.
Keyheads Drift Car - Putting Speedy McKey in the drivers seat pops up and shakes the engine on this drift car. Car recognizes Speedy, says his name and catch phrase. Foreground is photoshop rendering, background pencil orthographics.
Handle Haulers Redesign - Moved the SFX button to the handle so kids could control the sounds while driving and simplified construction to meet product cost goals. Also added ramp for the animals. See "Toys" for finished product.
Construction Destruction Playset - In this playset line each truck would hold one building and have special feature to knock it down. In this case, a spring loaded battery ram for the dump truck. Those construction guys have some pretty destructive tools too: Alan's rotating rock auger, and Sam's sinister sledge.
Cub Cadet Ride On - Just for Fun
Ian Grout
Product Designer East Aurora, NY