Sizzle & Serve Kitchen - The Little Tikes Sizzle & Serve Kitchen features a new contemporary colonial archway that lets kids serve food to friends and family at the table on the other side. The grill is mounted on the front of the kitchen for easier access. The grill rotates 90° for 2 kitchen layouts - straight or L-shaped, and has flickering flames and sound effects. Other great features include a working ice maker that drops plastic ice cubes, storage in fabric lined wicker baskets, and a hanging pot rack.
Shop & Learn Market - This interactive shopping center has two learning modes, each with three levels of play. The first mode lets kids scan items and hear the register identify them. The second mode tests little shoppers on their ability to recognize different foods, colors and numbers, and it allows parents to see their child's progress. As kids move through the three levels of learning, they advance through 3 levels of play patterns. Check out the TV Commercial @
Counting Fun ATM - Little Tikes Counting Fun ATM machine teaches little ones about currency, numbers and counting. This smart little machine recognizes, tallies and talks about the coins and bills as they are deposited. In Quiz Mode, the scoring feature uses coins on the screen to show percentage of correct answers per quiz. Money goes into a drawer which can be opened by a button on the keypad of the ATM, and a button on the keypad tells how much money is in the bank at any time.
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Ian Grout
Product Designer East Aurora, NY