The Radio Flyer Shockwave scooter features real rear swingarm suspension which launches you into bigger jumps and creates a better ride.
Built-in suspension enhances jumps and minimizes bumps. A rubber elastimar suspends the rear swingarm for a super bouncy deck and great ride.
Early Styling Sketch for Radio Flyer Groove Scooter.
The Radio Flyer Groove allows you to play YOUR Tunes on YOUR Scooter
Compatible with IPod, IPhone, or any MP3 Device
Great for sharing music with your friends.
Early Styling Sketch
This scooter project was a team effort with John Dutton. John created and executed the final case design shown here after we tested a series of hard goods and soft goods prototypes for impact protection. The foam filled soft goods design with the zipper enclosure proved to have superior durability to protect the MP3 device no matter how tough the fall.
Ian Grout
Product Designer East Aurora, NY