BC Builders Ice Age - This crew saves Cavedudes stuck in the oncoming ice age. A stacking toy "glacier" would trap 2 cave dudes. The mammoth trailer is spring loaded spinner which would knock apart the ice block; releasing the trapped dudes. Next the frozen dudes would be lifted up the mammoth's back on the palm lift. Finally they are de-thawed in the smokehouse up top. The smokehouse plays like a toaster, put a dude in, press down, a timer counts down, then BONZAI! The dude is ejected.
BC Builders Extreme - In B.C. Times Dinos and CaveDudes rule Pangea. But that's not enough for them, they want to expand their empire to the air and sea. Shark Ski - Dude wrassles up a prehistoric hammer head shark and saddles him up to hit the waves. A bridle in the teeth of sharky provides the steering, while the cave dude hangs on for dear life in a saddle back by the dorsal fin. Pull back on the pull string and let go to let sharky flap his tail through the surf.
Keyhead City - Sure the population density is pretty high, but the people are interesting...
Rough Layout for a Preschool "Russian Doll" style Toy
Quick Sketches - Prisma Quickies...
Little Tikes Animal Rollers - Development Exploded Views: Toy now in Production
Sketchbook Sample - Sketch development for Cozy Coupe U-Drive
Sketchbook Sample
Ian Grout
Product Designer East Aurora, NY