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Alisson Table - Laser cut 4mm mild steel. When set in a bright background, you can actually see the outline of my girlfriend Alisson.
Roller Table - A simple coffe table with a built-in magazine holder.
Xtense folding chairs. - Easy to fold, comfortable chair with clean lines.
Delta table - Funky coffee table that has some unique ergonomic features.
Redback Table - A somewhat different coffee table. Inspired from A Clockwork Orange, the movie.
Leaning shelf - Designed to hold books. It gives the books a natural angle in storage.
Yeah - the Twister shelf needs some assembly.
An interesting angle looking up the Twister shelf.
The good thing about the Twister is the curved footprint - it gives it a really good stability so you can have it standing in the middle of the room.
The Wave console, tried some fluo to see what gives. Pretty interesting. I made the rest in white.
The Wave console with a Tap water bottle on it. The Wave has hydraulic sliders, so when you open the doors, they quietly slide back in place.
Twister with Wave in the background.
The Wave storage unit. Also with hydraulic sliders, very solid constructions, meant to last years and years unlike some ... ahumm other commercially available furniture.
The bottom of the Wave unit can slide out on its hydraulic sliders.
Some unconventional photo shoots in the South of France. I had a gas mask lying around so Phil used it. Next to the Redback table
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