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Trigger bottle design - This bottle was designed to be slimmer and shorter than conventional trigger bottles. It only has three moving parts and no metal parts so that it can be recycled easily. Solidworks and Maxwell Render.
Linda Hook - The Linda hook fits well inside an elegant bathroom. Just drop towels or clothes into it and they're hooked.
Phantom toaster - Designed for low energy consumption, the Phantom can re-use the heat generated.
Candle Holder - A very cost efficient lamp set...will look great in your mountain cabin!
Chicken bottle - The Chicken pump bottle has a swivel head. When you press the eyes, it squirts cream in your hand through its nose.

Designed for recycling, it does not have any moving parts or metal parts.
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Product Design

The tap bottle was designed to make people aware that in many cases it is allright to drink tap water - specially if you live in a developed country. No need to buy plastic water bottles all the time.

Freelance, Full-time
Radu Iliuta
Innovative Industrial Designer with own consultancy Sydney, Australia