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Speed boat hull - Static rendering of a speed boat hull in aluminum. Solidworks and Maxwell.
Speed boat - fiberglass - The geometry was done in Solidworks, then the water flow simulated in Real Flow. The whole set was then rendered in Maxwell Render.
Biometric bike - first concepts - The biometric bike is a research based projects. I have studied how people run, and using the data I designed a bike that mimics the human running pattern.
Suspension detail - Originally, the bio bike had a coil suspension at the back and used a pipe frame.
Prototype casing, bio bike - I had to settle for a laser cut semi-monocoque construction for the prototype since few people in Australia could bend a tube to follow a biometrically correct path.
Testing the bike - It is a rather eerie feeling when running on the bike. Because there is no seat, and because of the feet following the biometric path, you have the sensation that each step is 2 meters long.

It needs a lot of work though, it is however interesting to see that research work actually pays off.
The TOW.BIKE project - for a company in Holland. The smallest trailer in the world perhaps, you can wheel it around like a trolley. It lowers itself to the ground to carry motorcycles.
We did some tests at the Catalunya race track in Barcelona. It went pretty well, loads a bike in 10 secs flat.
It's got a low center of gravity and the same ground clearance as a road car - we tested it over several speed bumps, it cleared them all. So if your "normal" car will pass the speed bump, so will the tow bike.
Ground loading trailers, for an Australian company (Motorbronx).
Shark grey trailer, semi-monocoque chassis, sits on the ground. Quite a different approach compared to normal trailers, they are rather bulky.
The original Cobra trailer design, done in Solidworks with a Maxwell render.
Just a more elegant jet ski trailer - this one still on the concept stage.
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