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cy-fi Wireless Speakers - IDA was tasked with developing the cy•fi wireless speakers from initial design to fully functioning prototype with a principal goal to make it as lightweight as possible. The physical design of the wireless speakers integrated the aerodynamic sleekness of bike seats, helmets and visual acuity, with the speed and motion of the sport. Additionally, the speaker unit has intuitively located buttons for volume adjustment, track selection, and play and pause options.
Brinks Commercial Series Padlock - For the new design for the Brinks Commercial Series of laminated steel padlocks, the design team incorporated a jacket that provides increased durability and improved functionality. An inner hard skeleton layer increases durability in drop tests while the outer soft layer increases tactile grip and acts as a bumper to reduce clanking sound and prevent scratching on locked surfaces. This new jacket cover combined with a boron shackle and double ball stainless steel locking mechanism.
Kawasaki Consumer Trade Show Exhibit - IDA was commissioned to maximize the 90’ x 90’ exhibition space with the company’s product and culture, as well as draw in and attract passersby with eye-catching graphics. The design team created an “experiential” space that incorporated lifestyle images and action video to communicate the emotion of their products, and developed a kit of parts and guidelines for Kawasaki to maintain consistency as they roll out additional specialized exhibits and displays.
Brinks Weather Resistant Padlock - The soft outer shell gives the product a pleasant yet durable tactile feel. Detail grooves or "horizontal bars" provide a grip and help to communicate strength. Cutouts on the side and the "shield" form reveal a high impact inner skeleton of plastic that keeps out the elements while identifying it as a Brinks-looking product. IDA incorporated a sliding door on the bottom which protects the cylinder from water intrusion while the small openings on either side allow for built up moisture drain.
Knock Knock Consumer Trade Show Booth - Knock Knock - Who’s There? Who’s There, Inc. is the umbrella company for the brands Knock Knock, No. 2, and Cling. IDA designed a 12’ x 30’ exhibit booth that focused on the merchandising of the three product brands with Knock Knock acting as the major anchor. Included in the scope of work was the design of a multi-product display for Knock Knock merchandise.
Brinks Dust-to-Dawn Light - Taking cues from the Brinks' product design language, IDA developed this series of high efficiency residential security lights. The goal of the project was to introduce a security light that conveyed both security and reliability, as well as work with many contemporary architectural styles. The Dusk-to-Dawn series of lights included user features like an easy-mount system and hinging lens for one-handed light bulb changing. This unique product will help Brinks penetrate into new retail outlets.
Brinks Marine Resettable Lock - Brinks tasked IDA to create a durable, water resistant, and visually strong identity for the new resettable lock. The design team chose stainless steel construction and a weather tight cover to make this lock suitable for marine exposure. A soft grip over mold improves handling under wet conditions while protecting the finish of the property. The two side push buttons releases the shackle so that the lock stays secure until the user needs access.
Foria Consumer Trade Show Booth - “Modern rustic” describes this trade show exhibit design for Foria International. The 30’ x 50’ exhibit space features a realistic stone element, a raised tile floor, wood beam construction, and white fabric exterior wall panels. The interior is divided into seven demonstration areas with built-in clothing racks and folded displays. Each area includes a meeting table and mannequin displays to allow business transactions.
iCaddy Laptop Case - The IDA design team worked closely with the client to concept and design the iCaddy, a portable hard-shell notebook case made of high-impact polypropylene plastic with cast aluminum details. The case is padded with open-cell foam and fits most laptops. Innovative features include a soft form lid that rotates completely underneath the case creating a stable base for the notebook while providing proper ventilation.
Mastrad Consumer Trade Show Exhibit - Mastrad is a company that specializes in kitchen products. In 2006, Mastrad expanded into their United States branch office located in Hollywood, California. To introduce the new company brand to the U.S. market, the booth design utilized a theme based around the California avocado. The exterior structure is an aluminum frame with stretched colored fabric.
Marine Design Portfolio - Current projects include design and surface modeling for a concept low closed bow convertible that "pops" up to create large forward berth and various marine aftermarket products with vendors. Prior to forming MAXWERX, I was Design Director for Sugar Sand Marine, the marine
division of Leisure Industries, Fargo, ND. Ideveloped 3 new boat lines for production, expanding the product line from 3 boats to 6, as well as future boat lines yet to be introduced, revamped the existing line of product, and created concepts for Leisure Industries' Kit Car division Classic Roadsters. Max implemented and built up Sugar Sand's internal design studio including a jr. designer, summer internship programs and a complete tooling crew. Interacting directly with the CEO, sales and engineering departments I gained an expanded perspective on the marine
industry as well as company management and marketing.
Port-a-Tan Booth - IDA was tasked with transforming the activity of spray tanning into an experience rivaling high-end spa treatments. The project consisted of conceptual design and development for a portable compressor and sprayer unit, collapsible spray booth, and a product and service cart. A series of portable salon and spa equipment were developed with refined materials and elegant surfacing to compliment the boutique hotels and exclusive spas surroundings.
Magpie International Tea Set - IDA developed concepts for a line of licensed brand tea sets. The primary objective was to create a line of products incorporating artistic graphics and patterns. This unique feature of this product includes a metallic saucer that cradles the base of the cup providing a stable base and visual interest. A variety of finishes and materials including porcelain and hand-painted details make this set appealing for inclusion into their lineup.
Magpie International Tea Light Holders - IDA worked with the Magppie marketing team to create several “giftable” products including the stainless steel tea light holders. Designed as simple forms that accent any room, each set had clever features like stacking and interlocking forms to provide aesthetic interest even when not in use. The gift sets are targeted for retailers such as Pottery Barn and Crate&Barrel.
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