Black Inc 2-tone finish matte/gloss with subtle and iconic branding
Computer mount attached directly in an integrated recess on the underside. Also visible the dual cable routing option for internal/external cables and housings
2D/3D handlebar drop curve design for ergonomics and racing position
Computer mount 3D render. This part designed to be fully CNC in aluminum
Black Inc barstem as the standard cockpit for the Factor Ostro
Stem clamp includes "muscle" lines to add some dynamism and reinforce that bending area
Black Inc integrated barstem

Design and development for an integrated road bicycle barstem (handlebar+stem), including a computer mount. Handlebar ergonomic design, sizing, component compatibility (shifters, computers). Internal and external cable routing. Concept and development for 2-tone finish matte/gloss to unify all the Black Inc components (wheels, cockpit, accessories) with same style, using a gloss band over matte, subtle BI logos, minimal marking.

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Inigo Gisbert
Senior Product Designer Taiwan