A few "muscle" lines to add strength and dynamism to the shape as well as serving to integrate the screw heads
The stainless steel front cover not only makes this stem's appearance unique, but it hides the screw threads and makes the front end of the bike clean and smooth
Black Inc stem and handlebar

Concept design and full 3D development for a road bicycle high-performance handlebar and stem. The concept for the stem was to use a reverse screw faceplate design to manufacture a 100% carbon fiber stem without metal inserts for the threads. It also cleans up the look and makes it look more aero and unique for an often overlooked component. The stem has a clean and minima design but still incorporates a few "muscle" lines to blend the nests for the screw heads. Graphics and finish to match all other Black Inc components with 2-tone matte/gloss surfaces and subtle branding.

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Inigo Gisbert
Senior Product Designer Taiwan