Redefining road bikes
Headset top covers and spacers to match the frame and integrate the Black Inc barstem
3D modeling of the fork crown, headtube and downtube including the energizing channel behind the crown, to let the revolving air from the front wheel have room to flow and don't stall
3D modeling with Solidworks
From 2D sketch concept to 3D and check all size frames look equally as good
Always gotta keep the UCI boxes on check
One of the most striking design features, and more efficient for aerodynamics, is the sculpting of the fork crown and lower headtube, then blending into the downtube
Final concept sketch before going into 3D. Before this other ideas were discussed, but always around the same concept of aero (front) and light (rear)

Concept and full CAD design for a high-performance, aero and light racing bicycle.

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Inigo Gisbert
Senior Product Designer Taiwan