The Vanishing Season Book Cover.
Danny Boyle Book Cover.
Love Is A Thief Book Cover
The Pirate's Wish Book Cover
Any Other Name Book Cover.
The second instalment of a trilogy by Emma Newman, Any Other Name deals in gargoyles, secret organisations, magic, deception and arranged marriage. The cover was thus ripe for a little ink-heavy scribbling...obvs. I love them because quite frankly I can settle into my comfort zone of black, detail, swirls, splots and hidden things...and the moon. I love a good moon.
Rachel Riley 7th Book Cover.
Teal Lips Logo for Cancer Awareness.
Lion Heart Fish Oil Logo.
Lion Heart Fish Oil Logo.
This is a big beast. At 70ft this Holiday Inn Express billboard in Times Square towers over the streets of Manhattan showering onlookers (uplookers?) with mathematical formulae. They were provided by mathematician Professor Cody Worthington, and the job was commissioned by Ogilvy NYC by Dagmar Wong, through Bernstein & Andriulli.
You can see the billboard up until mid-June 2013.
London Magazine.
My contribution to Mail Me Art 2013.
I was asked to created my original mail art on a flat C5 envelope with the artwork being drawn or embelished by hand. The mail art was then sent without any protection through the domestic or international postal system. If any occurred, all dents, dirt, postmark or damage then became part of the artwork as a badge of honor to show the journey the work had been on.
The work was Inspired by the lyrics of Sage Francis.
Work fro 2013

A Selection of work that I have produced in 2013.

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