reed magazine
gain - This was a proposed poster for the AIGA Business and Design Conference of 2004. When folded the poster doubles as a mailer with an envelope cover. The poster has the schedule of events and the
sponsors listed on the back.
symantec - A proposed add campaign for the launch Ghost, a business software solution for imaging management and deployment. The horizontal poster was meant to be more simple and straightforward message about Symantec as a company. I also designed the device icons to be a seamless addition to Symantec's current icon library.
sex and gender roles - A book cover design intended to challenge the reader's preconceived ideas about how culture affects sexuality. The bathroom door in this case serves as a symbol that joins the sexes rather than a divide them. The sign is without the broad shouldered male and the skirt wearing female symbols that are the culturally accepted gender symbols.
garlic - The idea was to take an everyday object and stylistically render it. I decided to focus on the vein lines that run the height of the garlic because they define the shape with a sharp beauty.

The garlic served as the subject in this informational poster. The poster is intended to provide readers with very basic knowledge about the bulb.
Logos - A collection of logos I made.
type samples - Focusing on lettering to bring new meaning to words or ideas.
navajo - Navajo wanted a clean design for their holiday card. The goal was to have a card that didn't speak to any specific holiday, but instead drew from a comforting picturesque idea of winter. The card was 7 by 5 inches.
Graphic Design