-its dimensions and geometry make it suitable for bike lanes -the three wheels form a triangular base which stabilizes the vehicle in the situations of heavy loading for touring purpose or in bad weather. -the frontal surface is reduced -the body posture increases the pedaling efficiency, breading is made easier by the relaxed muscles of the abdomen and thorax -when clips pedals are used there is less effort required in pulling the legs. -more stable on uneven surface
-balance accidents risk decreases -in case of a frontal impact, the risk of major injuries is lowered because of the shock absorbing property of legs. -there is no possibility of front rolling after front wheel blocking because the gravity center is placed lower and backward
its unusual shape makes the vehicle visible in traffic. -the leaning system makes possible fast cornering -it has the ability to accommodate a motor and larger battery than electric bicycles -it can be converted into a velomobile -the user doesn’t need to stabilize the vehicle by detaching the foot from the pedal -it can be used by persons with balance deficiency
Recumbent Tricycle

ACME Human Powered Vehicle