Rolley Scooterson, the intelligent electric scooter. Using a combination of mobile technology and Bigdata, Scooterson enhances the rider’s experience.
The design pays homage to early scooter designs from the beginning of the 20-th century and the icons of contemporary pop culture: Batman’s Batpod by director Christopher Nolan and production designer Nathan Crowley, the Light Cycle of Tron: Legacy by Daniel Simon, Harley Davidson motorbikes (which also inspired us with a name) and… longboards.
cooterson has a direct-drive, brushless hub motor inside the rear wheel. The batteries, electronics and other components are located in the floor.
The aluminium tubes are bent in a succession of radii that enhance structural stiffness of the frame and allow an organic look design.
The joining components are CNC machined from aerospace grade billet aluminium or magnesium alloy.
Mudguards, floor and belly are made from carbon reinforced polymer.

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