Bio Plastic Logo for Contest
Free People Design Board
100 Hearts Flyer for McRay Studios
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Otakon Hoodie Design - Commission done for Otakon 2010 designed to be on the front of a zippered hoodie.
Raleigh Online Media Logo
Askew Magazine Tshirt
Make Wake Green - Non Profit Logo Commission
Animazement 2010: Karasu Tengu
Animazement 2010: Bakeneko
Animazement 2010: Kitsune
Animazement 2010: Kitsune Diety
Hydraphonic Flyer
GoDeath Article in Askew Magazine - (Logo for Article not created by me.)
GoDeath Article in Askew Magazine
Kiryu Oni-con 2009 Flyer
Askew Magazine Tshirt Design
Askew Business Card 1
Askew Business Card 2
Echostream Promo
Echostream Web Banner
Mimobot Design: Grimm-bot
Mimobot Design: Impurity
Animazement Flyer Website Design
King of Madness
Logo Design for Shaver Consulting, Inc.
Business Card Design
Art to Wear 2009
Paranormal Puzzle Society Promo - Promo Flyer for a Puzzle Game I'm working on with Ludoko Studios.
Yaoi After Dark Badges
Marbles Kids Museum - Manga/anime characters for the Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh, NC.
Marbles Kids Museum - Manga/anime characters for the Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh, NC.
How to make a Jack-o-lantern!
How hard do you rock? - Characters created for Purple Sky Magazine in Adobe Illustrator.
Eric McRay Flyer
Redemption and Temptation Show Flyer
Danger Girl Show Postcard - Front
Danger Girl Show Postcard - Back
Business Card Design
Zydeco Storefront
Zydeco Logo
Zydeco Logo Design
PurpleSky Magazine - Ayabie Spread
PurpleSky Magazine - Back-on Spread
PurpleSky Magazine - Girls and Guitars Spread
PurpleSky Magazine - High and Mighty Color Spread
PurpleSky Magazine - Which Band? Spread
Heaven's Stage Wallpaper II
PurpleSky Magazine - Illustration
Chinese Zodiac: Cat
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Art on the Move Entry
Heaven's Stage Wallpaper I
Graphic Design
Freelance, Full-time
Iris Chen
Illustrator + Designer San Francisco, CA