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Chevy Chevelle SS - HDR generated after 3 shots in Photomatix. Some post procesing in PS (lighting FX)
Titua I - One flash with diffuser, half power, camera left.
Bodegon - - Flash camera left is fired full power with umbrella
- Flash camera right is fired 1/2 power in softbox
- Frontal flash (with a snoot) fired full power
- All Flashes triggered wireless
Junior - 4 flash guns triggered wireless.
Shot is outdoors, with sun as main light source.
2 bare head Vivitar 285hv camera right
2 bare head Nikon sb25 camera left
Titua II - Flash was fired off camera 1/2 power from the viewer's right side as a slave and triggered by the on board camera flash (I used an opaque plate in front of the pop-up flash to avoid reflection on the glass and just trigger the off camera flash).

Taken with a Panagor 3x Tele-converter with macro capabilities, a zoom Tokina 70-210mm f/4 with macro capabilities with a Sky 1A filter.
VW Beatle - Vintage, lighting, voila!

HDR generated after 3 shots in Photomatix. Some post procesing in PS (lighting FX)
Titua III - My fish TITUA! (a name that would translate like BANG! in English) with some PS multiplicity.
Still life with peppers - One Vivitar 285hv camera left with light stand and umbrella. Another Vivitar 285hv camera right in a DIY softbox. Sakar flash with blue diffuser for the background. Silver reflector across softbox. PS was used only for sharpening.
NASCAR Panoramic - Taken in The Green Mile in Delaware. Five pictures stitched in PS.
Experimental self-portrait - Camera is on B and I'm scaning my face with a laser up and down.
Iguana - Picture taken with available light at Cony Island Aquarium
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Isaac Perez
Graphic Designer Nyack, NY