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"Moving" (collage from found object) - The idea here is to make the word look like what it means.
UNITY? - A sign in Mumbai, photographed during the agitation against north Indians working in Maharashtra. This division within a unified nation is a strong threat to the nation's tolerance and maturity. Is this really unity then?
Bluebird & Co. (Rescued Type) - These wooden 1 foot tall letters have been rescued from a 50+ year old business in Connaught Place, Delhi
Culture Clash I: Brooklyn Meet Chinatown
Postcard Project - In this self-initiated project, I mailed myself a postcard a day for about 9 months. I had a few constraints for the project the postcards could not be bought, they had to be mailed everyday and always list my address and the date. I don't claim these works to be solely mine. Someone designed the original postcard and the postal service also contributed with their stamps
and other markings.
Poster - Type-sketch for a Cornershop Poster. This is a typography exercise for Gail Anderson’s typography class. This is not a completed poster and was done in less than 20 minutes.
Postcard Project II
Happy New Ear
Walking in Manhattan
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Ishan Khosla
Ishan Khosla Design New Delhi, India