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RAW (Reaction Against War) - RAW is a TV channel that looks at the other side of WAR.

Despite (or may be because of) globalization, this is the age of fractured and disjointed relationships between cultures. The goal of RAW is to show its viewers the painful rebuilding of families... of countries that take place after a War... in an effort to prevent further Wars.
DESI a.k.a. design school india (logo) - I found 'desi' to be an appropriate name for a design school in India, since 'desi' means "Indian" and it consists of the first 4 letters of design.

The logo is based on 2 main aspects on Indian culture. One, its religion and two, its rich languages. The 8 petaled lotus is holy for Hindus and Buddhists, and it means openness to other cultures. The rounded forms reflect the nature of most Indian scripts.
Identity and Design for Buddha the Film - The design of the logo and a series of promotional materials for the film Buddha. I used a 'western' treatement for the logo for a couple of reasons. One, no English typeface can look like Indian faces, and the ones that do, look cheap. Two, this a Hollywood film that will treat the story of the Buddha in a proto-contemporary way.
The Coca Cola Company (logo concept)
Plazm Magazine
CBS (logo concept)
Logo and Identity for COCHS
The Gene Frankel Theater (Proposed Logo and Banner treatment) - In an attempt to give this off-broadway theater a presence I proposed replacing the old logo
which was Gene Frankel's signature, by a more straightforward look. The signature couldn't be easily read on the banner outside the small theater on Bond Street. I used just white, gray and black to emphaize the shadows and highlights of theater. And these colors are also very cost effective for reproduction and printing purposes.
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Ishan Khosla
Ishan Khosla Design New Delhi, India