philips delight - delight is a 2 seater compact car designed for Philips, exploring their new brand promise: "Sense and Simplicity". inspired by Philips' next simplicity design study, delight is hiding the unnecessary details both outside and inside. trying to create a calm look; the exterior is covered with translucent plastic material with a light layer underneath. lights are only visible when the user wants. the light layer also gives possibility for different light patterns outside.
philips delight - foam. the surfaces are fully flexible but the seats are initially set for face to face sitting. also ambient lighting is provided in different colours with light stripes mounted to the seats. the steering wheel is foldable which increases the space inside.
philips delight
Renault 5
Renault 5
tick tack coffee machine - The project has the brief of designing a coffee machine that will create sensorial experiences. Tick Tack coffee machine that is designed under the influence of the concept of time. Tick Tack’s basic aim is to create a visual experience by referring to a frequent used object: office clocks. Tick Tack separates the parts of the traditional coffee machine into three parts: start handle, filter & coffee jug , water reservoir. The arms of Tick Tack also symbolize the hands of a clock and the rotation of these arms supports the theme of the clock.
flecera portable ceramic cooker - The project has the brief of designing a cooking unit considering a brand identity. Flecera, a portable ceramic cooker, is designed with the Ariston brand identity. Flecera aims to create extra space in the small kitchens. The unit consists two separate ceramic cookers, which can be hung on the wall both in vertical and horizontal positions. These separate units can be taken away from the kitchen and used in other places, such as in balconies...
parla - professional category. parla is differentiating the perfume glasses by adding the "light" element. the electroluminance lighting unit at the bottom of the glass is providing a glowing effect. the unit is powered with a battery and controlled with an on-off switch.