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The Duo.
An exploded image of The Duo, with descriptions and developmental sketches.
An exploded image of The Duo.
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The Duo

Duo was produced as part of a university project, which tackled common problems in kettles. After much research, it was apparent that they have a short life span due to complications that occurred with their electrical components. It was also clear that people tend to throw their kettles away after they are broken, as it was cheaper to purchase a brand new one, instead of repairing the one they had. Furthermore, current kettles in the market are made from a number of different materials, which creates problems when the product reaches its end of life.

The Duo tackles all these issues in an innovative and effortless fashion. It is able to serve for longer, as it can be used it on the hob as well as through an electrical source. The Duo also has had its components redesigned in way to make repair much easier for the consumers themselves. In addition, the Duo incorporates only three different materials, making recycling easier.

Izel Venhar
Student London, United Kingdom