Sunset over ocean with shooting star and birds.
Planets in alignment with galaxy in background. Unit 3 work piece.
Supporting study to final Unit 3 piece.
This was my first ever attempt at spray painting and is one of my personal favorites that I have done. It is my own depiction of a sun with explosive gases erupting from behind it with other planets caught up in the exciting and vibrant confusion of space.
Lit up pyramid.
This is the background that I spray painted for my final piece in my Unit 4 exam. It creates an explosive response with a lightning eruption of light from the sun breaking over the mountains. The eye is then drawn into perspective with the crashing of the waves in the foreground. After this photo was taken I painted in the London millennium bridge caught up in the waves with half of it torn off.
Commissioned to create a stencil with elephants on the great plains of Africa.
4 x A4 sized stencils cut out with free hand using a craft knife for tiger spray paint.
A level spray paint art

For my Unit 3 coursework in my A level art we were given an open brief and so after much exploration of the word deterioration, which involved looking at meat and flesh as it molded and deceased creatures. I then came across this medium spray painting. I took a rapid change in direction for this project and then looked at these places after death and into space. These other pieces relate to my personal stencil work where I was commissioned by a number of people to do some stencil based spray paint.

Jack Denman
Product Design student at Bournemouth University Bournemouth, United Kingdom