Less Limb
Imma Lost Boy
This is a subjective self portrait. The story behind it is after being involved in a car crash a few years back I suffered some nerve damage which has affected my eyes. The drawing reflects on fear, loss and mortality. As in without the use of my eyes would be like death to me.
broken ideas
Amor - Design for Jedidiah Clothing
Ive seen it all
Fashion Television
Unwanted Playtime - Guess not everyone enjoys playtime
Zoogler - commissioned for the band Forgive Durden
Foreign Foray
Crest of a Wave
Circus Lion - the elusive circus lion in full makeup
Rein Dance, My Deer
Well... i Never
Wet Dreams
Jelly Belly
The Eyes Have it
Dino Mite
Camera Obscura
inky sez
i heart dress up
space within
dodo theory
hart & sole pt3
stars and/or rats
in possession
Bird Brain
Whistle While You Wreck
Koala T Kontrol
The Hills Have Eyes Too
Catch of the Day
Shear Terror
sea inside
Jacob Livengood
Graphic Designer / Illustrator San Diego, CA