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Portfolio Design Pieces - Much of the design's that I have showcased consist of logo designs for businesses, causes and fundraisers as well as for musicians. If interested in learning more about how I work as a freelance designer, please contact me.
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Glitz and glam was the idea behind the Diamonds are Forever book cover design, since this book was about diamond smuggling in Africa. The idea of the book is to communicate the idea of high quality. The book cover also expresses a girl’s wants and needs. The objective of this project was to recreate a box set for Ian Fleming’s series on James Bond series. The books shown are Diamonds are Forever and For Your Eyes Only and were designed using Illustrator and InDesign.
The Olympic Management team decided to place strict guidelines for the production of the pictogram system for the 2010 Olympics. The intention was to provide the public with a visualization of each sporting event and amenity. These pictograms are a representation of the Canadian culture. This system communicates to the general public and generates excitement for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

When designing these pictograms, it was important to represent the winter sports at the Olympic Games. They include hockey, sledge hockey, speed skating,
snowboarding, curling, wheel chair curling, freestyle skiing, cross country skiing and bobsledding. There also had to be two amenities designed for the Olympic Games; they include food and elevator.
Glitz and glam was the idea behind the Diamonds are Forever book cover design,
since this book was about diamond smuggling in Africa. The idea of the book is to
communicate the idea of high quality. The book cover also expresses a girl’s wants and needs.

The objective of this project was to recreate a box set for Ian Fleming’s series on James Bond series. The books shown are Diamonds are Forever and For Your Eyes Only and were designed using Illustrator and InDesign.
Rubber Ducky Revenge is a small town folk band that was in need of marketing
work. They were interested in having both a CD and poster for their band. The band’s folksy vibe; color choice, type, and contents were taken into consideration when designing the CD. Before they had these two items designed, their audience was confused by their lack of artistic communication and marketing.

The colors of the collateral are reminiscent of a folk band. The rubber ducky also had a part in the color choice. The type style was chosen because the band wanted to communicate a folksy vibe that is easy going. The poster, on the other hand, was created by using brighter colors which would be easily read on a phone pole or in a window.

This project was recently highlighted in thumbtack's spotlight blog about me. If you're interested in working with someone who is dedicated, organized and a great designer, please contact me.
This press kit was created for Rooney’s 2010 nation tour. Rooney is the
quintessential rock band from LA. They started out in early 2000. As of right now their
main audience is primarily teenage girls. Rooney is in the process of reaching out to
an older audience who would also appreciate their music. They will be able to do this
by playing at venues that this crowd would go to.

This press kit was created to fit perfectly into a CD case. Since Rooney is an
alternative rock band, and has a quirky nature, a CD was created with the bands
logo and designed to communicate the idea of the press kit more effectively. The
CD contains Rooney’s best music hits and will be handed out to publicists as well
as different venues. Note: The CD bear and Rooney logo design shown, is Rooney's original work, I designed the material inside.
Create a logo that communicates to people easily. When the logo was designed there were a few things that were kept in mind like creating a logo for the medical profession that would be used for athletes. Timelines were kept for both the photography and logo design of this project. Communication both through e-mail and phone were also kept throughout the entire project. At the end of the project a questionnaire was sent to the client to see what if anything could have been improved. This questionnaire is mainly a way to better understand where support is needed.

The color scheme for the logo which is red, white and blue were chosen because the product is geared toward athletes or people who are involved in sports occasionally. When thinking about how to design this logo, both the athletic and medical world were taken into regard. The client decided that it would be ideal to incorporate an x within Prodentek similar to that in Rx like on a prescription.
Client contacted designer to layout mouth splints at different angles with their descriptions. The designer traveled to the client’s office where photos were taken of each mouth splint. Communication was completed mainly through email however, communication was also done by phone and in person. Excel spreadsheets were kept with recorded time per day until the completion of this project.

In the process of taking photos of these mouth splints, appropriate lighting was needed. Use of a light box and a portable photo studio box were used in order to do this successfully. Photos of the splints were taken at multiple angles for better preparedness when it came time for the layout design. The background color was a decision that the client made in wanting to keep a consistent look between the Prodentek website and layout.
This press kit was designed so that it could be distributed to concert venues who may need to know more about the musician. The PR kit includes a brief description of the solo band, a biography of Robert Schwartzman who is the musician, news articles, as well as any tour dates. When creating this press kit, the atmosphere of both the musician and the type of music he plays had to be carried out.

The design of this press kit is one that goes along with the theme of the musician’s videos and music. It produces an electric feeling that makes you better understand what type of brand and feeling this musician is trying to carry out. There is a theme of electric and neon stripes throughout the complete kit. This is also expressed through the graphics on the CD and the “SOLO BOB” logo.
This is the second year creating a logo for team “Leaps for Lena”. The t’shirts for this team are worn at the annual cystic fibrosis walk. For this project, since the turnaround for the logo design was very tight, a strict timeline was put into place. The client, who is a personal friend, chose a design from a series of illustrations. Afterwards, four designs were created, then one was chosen.

The team logo, for this year’s t shirt design, is portrayed after Lena who is the 1 1/2 year old daughter of a friend who has cystic fibrosis. The purple color that was chosen was used as a reference to the cystic fibrosis awareness ribbon. The girl who is portraying Lena, is jumping over blocks which portray children's wooden blocks.
When working with this client who is the owner of the farmer’s market stand; Maize, there was communication in regard to her brand. This market stand will sell prepared food which will include roasted corn as one of its main selling items. We discussed who her core audiences are going to be, what she will be selling as well as what type of personality she wanted her brand to speak.

When designing this logo, there where several different design prototypes produced for the client. The typeface, colors and polka-dots where inspired by a vintage type of personality. This feeling is what the client expects to emit when selling her product to her customers.
Designer was in charge of creating a postcard to represent this power pop musician. In order to gain more perspective on what this artist wanted in a design, listening to his album was necessary. An organized timeline was put into place when designing this postcard.

The designer chose to create a postcard reflecting the personality of both the musician and his music. The color scheme that was chosen is one that represents the poppy atmosphere of this certain music genre. Placement of the photographs was taken into perspective when organizing the design.
Thank you card designed for a mechanic.
By discussing marketing techniques with the client and finding out specifically who the consumer is, we were able to identify some key areas to consider. In the process, web design, packaging and the design of this card game was considered. In order to market this game successfully, a test market will need to be arranged. For further exposure to consumers,various media outlets will need to be contacted.

For this project, there were no digital files on hand as the client created this game before the digital era. Designer worked completely with printed game cards to create designs for web, tablet and to be printed for future use. Designer scanned cards then took them into Illustrator to refine, color correct and prepare for client. Designer also created and designed a new logo for the front of the cards.
For the design and layout of this album and poster, there were a few things that needed to be considered first. In the beginning stages of the creation of these, research was completed for the band, music and the culture of Mexico. When completing the album, limited communication with band took place as it was a surprise for the band.

In the completion of the album and poster, all aspects were taken into consideration. The color choice, typeface and graphics all needed to showcase a Mexican look in order to keep the branding of the band cohesive with the choice of design and layout.
The theme for the 2013 prom for Jefferson High School was glitz and glam. In the creation of this marketing material which included a poster, postcard (invitation) and ticket, many different elements had to be taken into perspective. Size, color and added photographic attributes needed to be thought of. The type which is reminiscence of the Roaring Twenty's was used to better engage the reader. Other attributes such as white circles around the boarder of the poster other marketing material were meant to symbolize stage lights. Other elements such as an ostrich feather fan and ray band glasses were added as well to better engage visually.
Thank you card / poster created for a classroom using letters which were designed by the class. Materials which the students used to make the letters were recyclable materials.
Enter In order to layout The Family Tree, there were a few guidelines that needed to be taken. The client and designer sufficiently worked together on a day-to-day basis to communicate clearly and concisely if questions arose. Rough drafts of work were emailed to the client after each work day for approval.
Business Card for Chiropractor - design and layout April 2013
Mike and Tiffany with one of their favorite bands. Birthday Poster August 2013
Logo design for Tennessee chicken farm. 2014
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Over the past several years I have had the great opportunity of working with some very wonderful clients who have allowed me the chance at being their graphic designer. A wide variety of clients can mean a wide variety of projects... which is why my portfolio is quite diverse. For these clients, I have created logos, business cards, posters and other marketing material.

If you are a business owner or just a regular Joe or Jane, and you're interested in having graphic design work completed, please contact me!

I find working with clients who all have different visions to be very rewarding. I enjoy the challenge of designing something that will ultimately be showcased to a community of consumers.

Thumbtack recently did an interview with me for their Spotlight blog here: http://www.thumbtack.com/or/portland/logo-design/
When it comes to being a freelance graphic designer, I work with CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign). I am able to design and set up files for web use.

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