Gardenscape Prints

For these prints, I was inspired by the origins of fairies as it relates to ancient Greek mythology. Their Gods/Goddesses were often described with wings or having winged items, as shown in The Winged Victory sculpture. Nymphs that were known as protectors of nature. Ancient Greeks also treated butterflies as symbol of purity and immortality, calling them ‘psyche’ which translates to ‘soul’.

The plants were also specifically chosen for their symbolism and ties to Greek mythology as well. Birch trees represent dreams, protection, growth, and renewal and were planted in the Elysian Fields. Ferns represent confidence, dreams, fascination, and magic and looked like Aphrodite/Venue’s hair when she was born from the sea. Poppies represented dreams, peace, and sleep and Demeter would use them to fall asleep when Persephone would go to the Underworld. Dandelions represented wishes, happiness, divination, wish magic, and life and the Greeks saw it as strength, increase power and longevity.

Freelance, Full-time
Jaeden Wells
Fashion Designer Winston-Salem, NC