The Communicaid Visual Sound Station is a small portable device for indoor use. The device alerts deaf people important sounds around their working environment. MEMS microphone captures sounds such as fire alarm, doorbells, or an individual’s calling and transfers them into visual like pictogram and blinking lights
The Communicaid Visual Sound Glasses is a wearable head band for outdoor use. The device catches various sounds and alerts deaf people through visual communication output from the tip end of eyeglass frame arms and displays the front of eyeglass frame.
Mobile Communicator is a handheld communication device that features mobile phone functions using text-to-voice and voice-to-text technology. The idea is to share a flexible display with hearing people to communicate each other using speech recognition technology.
Spark Design Awards:Concept, 2012 - Bronze Award (Communicaid)

If a device can facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people, then deaf people will feel more comfortable communicating with hearing people. Moreover, this device will help bridge the communication gap between deaf and hearing people.

Jae Pyung Lee
Industrial Designer at HUGE DESIGN San Francisco, CA