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Trappe Brewing advertisement for their new Oak-Toberfest Ale.
Eric Karge Band concert flyer
Sonoma Wines and Spirits Cellar list brochure, done in adobe illustrator from a freehand drawing
Elliot's Elixirs - Sonoma Wines and Spirits second illustration, applied for the brochure cover
Sonoma Wines and Spirits Halloween poster - Original illustration of owners rendered to a zombie and vampire and colored in photoshop. The castle is vectored and the sky is raster.
Sonoma Wines and Spirits Halloween poster
Sonoma Wines and Spirits Thanksgiving - Sonoma Wines & Spirits Thanksgiving poster. Freehand illustration scanned into the computer and finished in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Sonoma Wines and Spirits Christmas poster - Hand drawn rendering of previous caricature of Sonoma Wines Owner and Manager. Mix Media
Eastern Shore, UMD Express Care 2012 logo- Adobe Illustrator.
Eastern Shore, UMD Express Care 2012 Flyer with logo applied- Adobe Illustrator.
Client Promotional designs

Client hired designs used for various promotional items like pamphlets, business cards, posters, etc.

Jake Hopper
Illustrator/ Graphic Designer at ASAP Screenprinting Annapolis, MD