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Tennis Sensation
Tennis Sensation
RSA Inclusive Worlds Winner 2005
Concept - Hand Sketches
Design Details
Development Overview
User Groups - When developing a product that is to be aimed at a large and diverse market it is important to investigate and empathise with the end users.
Scenario building - A useful design technique is to act out different user scenarios to find problems and discover possibilities.
Technical Development - A significant portion of the project was spent investigating and developing a system to simulate the feel of striking good and bad tennis shots. To do this a racquet was instrumented to find the vibration profile of different shots.
Technical Development
System Simulation - The product is a complex electro-mechanical device with a combination of inputs, outputs and processes. To develop a coherent system these where developed by hand and modeled in Matlab Simulink.
System Design - A significant amount of programming was undertaking in collaboration with Glasgow Interactive Systems Group (Glasgow University) but the high level development was carried out using Simulink.
Electronic System - General schematic of the electronics and connections
Final Prototype - Part hand made and part machined from aluminium, acrylic and high density modelling foam.
Tennis Sensation
Allan Sinclair
Product Design Engineer Cambridge, United Kingdom