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BBC - Wayfinder Mobile Phone - '00 - Sketch presentation showing the possibilities of D.A.B. radio applied to existing portable products for wayfinding and other facilities.
P+G - Generation X Perfume Bottle - '97 - Final Appearance model showing Male/Female perfume bottles ready for handover to production - never produced
Psion Industrial - '98/'99 - Wireless data management product for industrial / outdoor use - Traffic Police, Forestry, Courrier... Photoshop rendering to verify final design before appearance model development.
Heraeus Surgical - Sugical Laser - '96 - Final appearance model - full size - showing interface for mobile surgical laser unit for internal surgical procedures.
Diba - Mail - Application Specific Internet Appliance - '96 - Appearance model of one of 5 application specific internet appliances for the home. The very first internet appliances developed where internet technology and the internet connection are transparent to the user. This would enable a new and previously untouched area of the market - where users have no technology awareness.
James Toleman
Nice/Marseilles, France