Laid back but serious designer who enjoys ideation for products and graphics. Professional Experience has thus far been Product & Graphics Design, Exhibition Design, and Graphic Artist work. The product and graphics work is what I currently do at Elkhart Brass. We manufacture mainly fire fighting equipment. The product design I've done has included valve controllers, handline nozzles, and monitors (water cannons). It's been everything from sketching to 3d modeling to 3d printing. The graphics include ad creation, logos, labels, posters, quick install guides, etc. All being print ready work that's created in either Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign. During my time with We R Xhibits, I designed floor plans, booth layouts, graphic areas, learned lighting and electrical layouts, and took customer visions and turned them into designs. The Graphic Artist experience mainly involved creating and editing photos, images, and graphics for print. This included scanning personal photos and newspaper clippings that customers wanted plaques made from. Specialties: Pencil, Pen, Wacom Sketching. Marker Rendering. Model Making. Adobe Creative Suite. Rhinoceros 3+ with Flamingo rendering. Autodesk AliasStudio and Showcase.


2006-2007 CCS Industrial Design Faculty Select Student. 2007-2008 CCS IDSA Treasurer 2004-2008 CCS Tuition Grant and Scholarship

Experience & Education