The GPS Compass - The compass provides the user with valuable navigational directions to the nearest or most convenient help point on an alternating display screen; providing both information on the types and amount of relief aid being distributed as well as information on crowding numbers at those help points.
The Problem - Recent years have seen a shocking increase in the occurrence and severity of natural disasters. Over population in developing economies has forced communities to live in areas at high risk of flooding; and with an ever changing climate these natural disasters will only increase.

One of the particular issues that victims of flash flooding experience is that they become isolated and their ability to find emergency help is impeded.
The GPS Compass - The Wrangler GPS Compass helps victims of flash flooding locate and navigate to emergency help points that distribute food and medical supplies provided by their government or through international relief aid by charitable organisations or other governments.
The GPS Compass
The GPS Compass
Future Concept for Wrangler
James Clarke
London, United Kingdom