Users can add photos of places they’ve been by simply dragging and dropping them onto the pop-up layer. Alternatively, they can browse and upload photos or take a photo from their mobile device.
Once users have dragged their photos over the pop-up layer a message is displayed prompting them to drop their photos. Photos will automatically start uploading once they have been dropped.
When photos have finished uploading users have the option of editing their photos’ details or adding more photos from the top.
Users can easily add places to their profile or to a trip they are planning. Users can search for a particularly place they have in mind, filter by continent and country or just browse through all places.
When users mouse-over a place they can add it to their profile, marking it as a place they have been to or want to go to
Users can even add places to a trip they are planning.
User Flow: Adding Photos
User Flow: Adding Places Adding User Content

Designing processes for users to add content quickly and easily to their WAYN profile. The project included user flows, wireframes and visual mockups.

James Clarke
London, United Kingdom