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This was a 3D Max rendering of one of my concepts for the Qatar 2022 world cup bid stand. It was based on a reinterpretation of the traditional Arabic arch and makes use of several large central touch screens showing the different elements of the world cup bid.
Here is the central touch screen unit and the Qatar 2022 world cup bid flags that will allow the stand to be seen over its competitors.
This concept was based on the Arabic dhow (small wooden fishing boat). The capital city of Qatar is on the coast and for many hundreds of years the main industries were fishing and trading. Qatar went on to win its bid and will be hosting the 2022 World Cup.
This was an hand sketch of an object wall that would be the backdrop for an exhibition stand for Messerli and their sister company Habegger. The different objects in each section of the wall represent different parts of the service that Messerli and Habegger offered.
This is a photo I took of the finished wall.
This is the wall in the context of the whole Messerli, Habegger stand.
This is a 3D max rendering of a concept exhibition stand that I did for ESA. They are a major distributor of tires and other automotive parts to garages in Switzerland and some surrounding countries. The concept had to have a restaurant/ bar area (top right) and plenty of space for their range of products to be displayed.
Messerli 3D
James Knight
3D Designer and Project Manager United Kingdom