Working with Jelutong, I created the form with realistic split lines by working accurately with sanding techniques, in a three part model.
(Mid modelling stage) Laser cut acrylic wind up arm, with super fine etched details to achieve a high quality, convincing part (coated in primer).
The original (Left) and Replica (Right) before the back decals and stickers had been added to the model.
Replicate Project: Finished detailed replica of the Quechua torch and sketches.
(1st year) Replicate Quechua Torch.

Product Design 1st Year Work.

Replicate Project: Quechua Torch.
Hand and machine sanded jelutong with laser cut acrylic handle and perspex lens.
Then painted and with added decals to give a life realistic model outcome.

James Beardmore
Industrial Designer Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom