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This is a small vice I made in the University workshops and had to work within a 0.1mm tolerance. The clamp is an aluminium block that has been created through CNC and hand drilling. The bench champ is a mild steel plate that has been hand drilled and bent into shape and all of the other components have been turned on a metal lathe by hand.
This is my piece from my A2 Fine Art project, where I looked at the juxtaposition of conflict and Christmas time. This piece went on to win the award of Surrealist Awards category at The Farley Arts Trust Award. This is currently on display there for a year.

The production of the model was done through the use of drawing out a skeleton on 2D design software and laser cutting out the 2D shapes. This was then constructed and glued into a 3 dimensional piece.
This was my A2 3D Design project where I had to design a bedside table and manufacture using commercial tools and equipment to a set tolerance. The table itself was made from off cut Oak building frames and has a beautiful natural grain.

The form of the product is designed to allow for maximum storage on the top surface without being cluttered. This is achieved through the slots that are designed so that any electrical wires can dangle through, keeping the top surface wire free.
This is my AS 3D Design project where I had to design a boat house for a local boat club. The form of the building is designed with the fluidity of the sport as inspiration for the shape and designed to bring the outside in through the use of a large window in the main area and large decking area.

The production of the sculpture was a combination of using laser cutting MDF with 2D Design software and laminating flexible plywoods with moulds. this project taught me patience and a meticulous eye for detail.
This is a project I chose to do for my Extended Project Qualification where I designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured a fore grip for an air rifle.

The grip itself is crafted from walnut for its easy machinable properties and its durability. The form is designed so that it can easily be held in a number of ways. it can be held with your hand vertically down, at 45 degrees and horizontally. It can also be attached to any camera stand due to a specific thread on the bottom inserted on the bottom. this then allows for a lot more stable shooting.

The mounting is designed to work with the universal picatinny rail used on weapons . This allows it be be attached to most weapons worldwide. the block is made from aluminium with stainless steel bolts to ensure a tight fit that wont move under pressure.
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3D Work

This is a selection of the 3D models and sculptures that I have produced over time.

James Sheridan
Product Designer BSc (Hons) Graduate Uckfield, United Kingdom