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This was my final concept for a torch project. The form on the torch is designed so that it has a high intensity spot light when held horizontally and a more illuminating field of view when held vertically with the strip of smaller LEDs.
This was a three point perspective drawing of a stack of canvases I did in A2 Fine Art where I left all of the construction lines. I then used all of these construction lines to fill in to create random and colourful patterns within the boundaries of the drawing.
These were a couple of quick drawing exercises at a live drawing session during A2 Fine Art.
These are some initial concept drawings from my A2 3D Design bed side table project where I looked at ways in which, through the use of hexagons, the table would fold out on itself to double its size
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Hand Drawing
James Sheridan
Product Designer BSc (Hons) Graduate Uckfield, United Kingdom