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My new handlebar design

As a keen and regular cyclist I really like the function and design of the existing break and gear leavers. However, I noticed a flaw in the design. The brake is designed so that your strongest fingers are at the very top of the brake leaver. This gives them very poor leverage and makes it a lot harder to firmly brake and relies on you either moving your hands down or having strong ring and small finger.

This is what drove me to design this new layout for the brake and gear changer. Instead of the leaver being mounted at the top by the hand, it is mounted from the bottom with the leaver going up. This gives the advantage of leverage. This allows the same breaking force applied to the cable but with less effort from the cyclist. This will fundamentally make it safer for emergency breaking.

This design also makes it easier to use the breaks and gear changer from the lower position on the handlebars.

James Sheridan
Product Designer BSc (Hons) Graduate Uckfield, United Kingdom