I was heavily involved in the redesign of Chailey's existing standing support, primarily redesigning the base to ensure it is easier to move, more stable, easier for carer's to work and more aesthetically pleasing.

I was in charge of completing all drawing on Autodesk and creating the model displayed here.
this was a stander frame that i had to modify to move the wheels out wider so the client could get their wheelchair closer to the rear of the stander to allow for earier transition. This required it to be redesigned, cut apart, new parts created, welded on and painted and all of this had to be completed in a day.

I received a letter of appraisal by higher management in the department for my ability to complete this all in the day.
An example of my milling skills on a 3 axis manual mill.
A couple of examples of technicals drawings I completed during my placement.
an example of my Tig welding I learnt during my placement.
A quick release cam mechanism I designed and prototyped for use in the tricycles to quickly place in the abduction support wedge.
Placement Year

Throughout my time at Chailey Clinical Services I felt I learnt a huge amount, both specializing in the engineering and design field and in how to work with a professional. Some key areas in the engineering and Design field I have learnt are the ability to file manage and use CAD effectively as part of a team through disciplined folder and naming management of files and features. My technical drawing skills have dramatically improved through learning to setup templates and to comply with BSI 8888. I have also learnt a great deal about manufacturing both in theory and how to use a machine shop. I have learnt to TIG weld and use both a manual and CNC based Mills.

I feel that everything I have completed in my placement year have aided me greatly in progressing to becoming a well-rounded and disciplined professional in the Design and Engineering field.

James Sheridan
Product Designer BSc (Hons) Graduate Uckfield, United Kingdom