This is my final prototype created all by hand over a cause of 8 weeks. The shell is Vacuum formed ABS and hydro printed externally. The shutter is a slash resistant fabric over aluminium tubing. Excluding the guide rail, all internals have been manufactured by myself in house using mills, lathes, band saws, sewing machines and belt sanders to name a few machines used.
An example of my machining ability for the product. Working on a manual lathe and a manual 3 axis Mill to 0.1mm accuracy from my own created technical drawings.
The shell of the container being fabricated out of 5 vacuum formed parts. Hand made by myself.
Transportable Firearms Container

This was my final year project where I worked with the company Municipal Security Ltd on creating a transportable firearms container for use in unmarked vehicles by the British Police.

The demand for firearms in unmarked vehicles by the Police Force in the UK is ever growing as the need for AFOs grows due to the remaining threat from terrorism. This required a design solution to safely store the Firearms in the vehicles without modifying them in any way.

The S.D.P firearms container was designed with this in mind and through cooperation with Municipal Security Ltd and Sussex Police a Product Design Specification (PDS) was created to both suit the needs of the manufacturer and the needs of the Police Force. From this brief a variety of concepts were created before the final one was decided upon based on its evaluation against the PDS. This was developed and finalised before being manufacturing a prototype. This prototype will later be tested and evaluated by Municipal Security Ltd

James Sheridan
Product Designer BSc (Hons) Graduate Uckfield, United Kingdom