RSA Horrizon Scanning - Data Spray - Dataspray imagines a future in which the territory of the city is not only marked physically with paint, but electronically. Dataspray aerosol cans effective spray electronic information onto physical locations. A new form of cartographic process takes route, shaped not by glossy media propaganda, but by individual voices,

‘Clusters of Dissent’ are seen to emerge, principally surrounding the trading districts of the city. Home made electronic nodes act to store and broadcast the sprayed content within a localised space.

Mobile handsets and PDA’s of the unsuspecting public are spammed with written messages and links to websites. These events serve to illustrate the layers of communication, which fluctuate between the physical, and the digital world.
Concept Project - Amphora - We move towards an era in which electronic technologies are entrusted to support an ever greater proportion of support of our memories about life.

Amphora examins this shift and proposes a gentler mediation of our lives informal content.
Philips Design Research - Mechanical Mediation - The project entails a design study that explores the forms and behaviours of a new typology of animated mechanical media carriers. These carriers support digital information in the home. The new range of mechanical mediators will be animated objects, creating interaction between people, information and entertainment. Therefore these mediators will now make what previously would occur inside your computer happen in real domestic space. What was once invisible will now become visible.
Hero Ventures Backpack - The Hero Backpack seeks to respond to environmental issues as well as implicating the user in a richer experience of ownership. Locally sourced components are sent out to the customer in flat packed form. The owner must rivet and lace up of the bag when it arrives in the post.This involvement in the bags appearance assembly that really makes it yours. You know that you own a unique and durable item, a bag to be proud of.
EPSRC Bathroom Futures - Funded by a grant from the EPSRC, this three-month internship sought to respond to the shifting status of the bathroom and the opportunities it presented for design. Firstly I acted to evaluate approximately 30 proposals generated by an intensive 2-week student project on the future of the bathroom.

'Sponge Steamer' is a new concept for the bathroom, which allows for the user to steam and infuse sponge balls. Some of the sponge balls contain light cores, which are induction charged along with the steaming process. The charged sponges glow for a time and gradually fade out. A cycle is gradually repeated. When the sponges lights, along with their scent and warmth they are tipped back into the funnel of the steamer where the process is repeated and they are charged up once again. Strong public influence in aromatherapy and relaxing in the bathroom environment influence the concept. Interests in health restoration in the bathroom environment also shaped the concept.
Dissertation - Passivity and Engagement; An Emergent Anthropology of Technoculture - Employing the Levi Straussian concept of a Zero Institution, as a model to think about societies modern day perceptions of the Net. I argue that our utilisation of the Net and hopes for social and political agency are often framed by technological determinism itself. Paradoxically in an age in which is celebrated for its networked communications where everyone may contribute, participate, be heard. The very multiplicity of these information aggregates result in a form of devaluation.
James Sunderland
Leicestershire, United Kingdom