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Mid-America Science Park - www.maspark.org
Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors - Centennial Website
St. Elmo Steak House - Webby Award-winning design for Indianapolis' premier steak establishment.
Citizens for Wishard - Branding for complete information package. This constituent-oriented website served to keep the public informed about the referendum.

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 Greater Indianapolis voters overwhelmingly approved the plan to construct a new, modern and efficient Wishard Hospital on a new campus.

Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors - http://mibor.com
Indiana Construction Association - http://www.inconstruction.org
Avalanche Nut-Free Protein Bars - http://avalanchebars.com
Garden Villa Health - https://www.gardenvillahealth.com
Allied OSI Labs - Website for orthopedic shoe insert manufacturer.
Indiana Office of the Attorney General Unclaimed Property Division - Award-winning design for the Indiana Attorney General's effort to reunite citizens with their unclaimed property that is in the state's possession.

Balsiger Expedition High Altitude Mountaineering - Design for site showcasing the high-altitude mountaineering exploits of a Fortune 500 executive. Real-time updates via satellite phone up-link fed content to inform users of training efforts and ascent progress.
National Envirotech Group
Theodore Roosevelt NP education module - A three-module package designed for Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Release coincided with the park's effort to educate the public about TRNP's origins, the ecosystem, overpopulation of elk, and the eventual program being implemented to control that population.

Dekalb Memorial Hospital - 2009 redesign of community hospital in Northern Indiana. Redesign coincided with implementation of a customized CMS and consolidation of the website's architecture to improve ease of use.

Indiana University SPEA - Website for IU's School of Public & Environmental Affairs
Wishard Health Services Fact Book - Branding for complete information package. The ultimate purpose was to inform the public of Wishard Health Services need to build an entirely new community hospital for Greater Indianapolis.

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 Greater Indianapolis voters overwhelmingly approved the plan to construct a new, modern and efficient Wishard Hospital on a new campus.

Indiana Office of tourism Developement - Leaf Cam is Indiana Office of Tourism Development's annual foray into online video feeds. The site consists of a number of cams set at varying locations around the state each year to capture the Fall color changes of Indiana's foliage.

Users are able to control each cam for a given amount of time. Time-lapse video is shared with users a number of times throughout the season.

St. Elmo Steakhouse/Harry & Izzy's e-commerce website - Two very different restaurants share the same proprietor. A site was designed that married the two unique brand identities into one seamless e-commerce site.

The higher quality of the available products is a reflection of the standards established by the restaurants. Users can even buy the world-famous signature shrimp cocktail whose recipe is shared by both establishments.

Kentucky Governor - Redesign for the online presence of the Kentucky Governorship. Redevelopment of the logo was also a component of this branding.
Bose Public Affairs Group - The establishment of a new logo for this Indianapolis-based public affairs group required the development of new graphic standards system to coincide with the new identity.

Indiana University Learning Sciences - Although housed within the confines of Indiana University's Bloomington Campus website, Learning Sciences required a look and feel that shared traits with IU's graphic standards but claimed it's own unique identity.
NSWC Crane Regional Technology Vision Presentation - Presentation Design
Indianapolis Tennis Championships - website interactive photoshop
DMD Pharmaceuticals - Redesign of DMD Pharmaceuticals website.

The expanse of preexisting products, coupled with a number of new products required that the homepage be capable of showcasing as many items as quickly and concisely as possible in an informative and digestible manner. Rapidly funneling customers through the purchasing process was equally important as evidenced by the preponderance of ordering avenues.
Harry & Izzy's Restaurant - http://www.harryandizzys.com
First United Methodist Church, Bloomington - Open Door Contemporary Service
The Villages
Indianapolis Power and Light - Powerville - Proposal for an environmentally conscious IPL social media online community.
Indiana University Foundation Marketing Group Portfolio Website
Indianapolis Downtown Incorporated - http://www.indydt.com
Office of the Indiana Attorney General - Primary website for the Office of the former Indiana Attorney General, Steve Carter
Sabas Pipeline Systems, LLC - Website and Branding
Dr. Robb Bassett - Cystic Fibrosis Benefit Fundraising Website
DMD Pharmaceuticals PEPTIME myspace - MySpace fan page for DMD's PEPTIME girls.
Wishard Health Services The New Wishard - Tasked with disseminating information regarding the construction phase of the New Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.
Hirons & Company - Website
Listfree, LLC
Indiana Secretary of State
The Arc of the United States
The Lex - Lexington, KY
The Lex - Lexington, KY
Indiana University Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts - Letterpress Type Shop website proposal
User Interface Projects
James F. Yount
Creative Direction/Art Direction/Design/Educator IN