Colorful Day - Photography Reflects a good mood.
Rotten Onions - Photography
The Universe - Photography
Tender Kill - Photography
Teeth' Wild Dream - Color Clay
Candy-Jar Bear - Acrylic drawing on a plastic white and blue bear toy.
Mad Birthday Party - Acrylic Painting Mad Childhood Series - Mad Birthday Party As if everyone is witched to hold a birthday party for no reason, and they are all in some horror wonderland. The white crazy smiling clown-face balloon and claw-like birthday party banner intends to express a feeling of scary, twisted, and abnormal.
Mad Circus Show - Mad Childhood Series - mad circus show A horrified scene of the circus performence, with a wolf wearing a sheep head luring another sheep to fall into a black hole.
Lolipop-face Bunnies in Death Wonderland - Their faces indicate the fact that they are blind and fooled by something.The death land is filled with bones and gosts. The large balloon with double clown faces is a sign of the existence of the evil master of this world.
Mad Merry-Go-Around - Acrylic Painting Mad Childhood Series-Mad Merry-Go-Around Recall the painful childhood memory. A merry-go-around went mad and scary, with the pony witched by something crazy that make it can't stop turning round and round.
Spark Rain - Made with leaves and butterfly samples.
Nice Day - Three friends on a vacation in a nice sunny day. The sunshine is sharp and burning, and each character holding a different personality, with the wolf as the main character.
Damn Rain - A heavy rainy windy day hugely ruined a good mood.
Bleeding Memory
Happy Rainbow - Color Pens and Mark Pen
The Little Redhood - Adaptation of the Little Redhood fairytale. A recreation of the figure redhood, who's a little sad and freaky, shaped like a icecream corn reflecting a sense of cute and innocent.
The Wolf - Adaptation of the Little Redhood fairytale. A recreation of the figure wolf, who's a slaughter of love.
Redhood Rebirth - Photoshop Drawing
Twisted Kingdom - A twisted mad universe, with all kinds of stuff flying in the sky powered by something. The king is with a giant creepy smile, as if it is the power station of this kingdom.
Sound of a Broken Heart - A creepy spider-shaped creature tried to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. Meantime the broken heart is making a sharp sound that rippling throughout the air.
Mr. Margarita - Mr. Margarita is drinking a margarita in a rainy sad day.
Croco the Handmade Doll - White Clay, Wire, Cloth Animalized human character as a crocodile.
Jaden the Handmade Doll - White Clay, Wire, Cloth Animalized human character.
ZZ the Handmade Doll - Oil Clay Animalized human character as a spider.
Drowning of Childhood - Photography of an old broken SpongeBob toy, indicates the painful and suffocating feeling.
Explosion of a Dark Soul - Installation
back cover
Tale of the Woods - Pencil Sketch
Tale of the Woods 2 - Watercolor Pencils
Tale of the Woods 3 - Sketch with Pen
Swirl Sketch - Swirl of something dreadful.
Mad Birthday Party 2 sketch - Mad Childhood Series - mad birthday party 2 Everyone is witched and forced to haave a birthday party, with a crocodile holding a remote control.
Screaming Lust from Deepdown Soul - Sketch with Pencil
Happy Friends - Acrylic Painting on Board
Bunny Buddies Sketch - Carbon
merry xmas - Pencil drawing plus Photoshop editting.
pencil, color pencil,pen
Joker and Mr. Cat - Pencil drawing.
Joker - Pencil drawing
Joker2 - Pencil drawing.
Joker3 - Pencil drawing.
Ms. Autumn - Pencil drawing.
Ladies - Color pencil,pencil.
Mother and Twins - Color pencil, pencil
Mr. Longlive - Pencil drawing. Adopted from Chinese tradional story about the god of longevity.
Virgin and Truth - Pencil sketch.
Ms. Flower - Pencil drawing.
Funeral for Belief
Angry Chihuahua
Jamie Chen
Multimedia Designer and Artitst Vancouver, Canada