Cleveland Hopkins International Airport - Objective: Redesign the baggage claim area at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Since the baggage area has become a new meeting area to pick up passengers/guests, I designed a lounge in a large, unused area under the escalators. It is currently dead space. A back-lit wall gives the illusion of windows and images of Cleveland are etched on glass and walls to show city pride.
Coach Exhibit - Objective: The project was to choose a personal interest or hobby and create an exhibit booth based on that product or service. We needed to convey brand identity in a 30' X 30' X 24' space using lighting, graphics, and images.
Lifeguard Station - Objective: Design a lifeguard station on any beach in the world. I chose Aruba. My inspiration was the Divi-Divi tree, which is native to the island. The tree grows at an angle due to the constant winds.
Pacific Smoothie - Objective: Create a fast food restaurant exterior from our choice of International cuisine.
Spark Energy Bar - Objective: Design and develop customized merchandising to appeal to a target audience and create news, excitement and intrigue at the shelf. Our client is a manufacturer of performance nutrition foods and is introducing a product derivative into the market that is targeted at a new audience. I chose to create an energy chew along with an additional product line for dogs.
Hyatt Gift Shop - Objective: Design a retail space for a New Orleans Hyatt shop that is currently being rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Store - Objective: To create a destination store honoring the Olympics and Vancouver for 2010.
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