KFC Dining Area - This dining space for KFC was designed to represent a traditional kitchen giving you the experience of a home-cooked meal. The center focal point was designed to reflect a range hood while booths or bench seating are place beneath. The juxtaposition of the flooring (tile-wood-cement) gives a modern feel while the cookware racks bring it back to classical.
KFC Order Station - KFC was looking for a fresher design. the design of the order booths is to enhance the customers experience. Self service touch screens are located at the entrance. Orders can be placed quickly and picked up at a side service area (the customer part of the process). The customer can see into the kitchen while their meal is being prepared.
KFC Beverage Station concept one - KFC wanted to introduce new beverage flavors, along with flavored teas and lemonade, into a new designed beverage station. This design has the look of a traditional kitchen. The ceiling cloud was inspired by classic cookware pot racks. Bold new graphics were added to give the space a fresher feel.
KFC Beverage Station concept two - Kentucky Fried Chicken wanted to introduce their new beverage flavors, along with flavored teas & lemonade, into a newly designed beverage station. The sleek curved design gave a more contemporary look. Light woods were used to soften the metal. Bold new graphics were added to give the space a fresher feel.
Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC wanted to update their space since their logo now represented a more "modern" Colonel. The lobby shows screens where customers can order their food on the spot. The restaurant area was designed to look updated but have a nod back to their heritage by making it still feel like a kitchen. Because this is where we come together as a family.

Jody Amsden, LEED...
Adjunct Professor of Design Cleveland, OH