The Office Beer Bar & Grill- Bar area - This is a renovation for a restaurant chain in New Jersey. This restaurant has a busy lunch and dinner crowd with a very lively bar scene in the evenings. I wanted to play off their name "The Office". The bar top has shredded paper encased in resin & the center display (focal point) is wrapped in pencil graphics. Numerous TV's are strategically placed for optimal viewing of sporting events.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill-Dining Room - In the dining area of The Office partitions were removed to open up the space making it look bigger. The challenge of this room was that the floor was raised higher at a different level than the rest of the restaurant. We lowered the floor to street level allowing us to add a handicap bathroom in the back. Etched murals of the city were placed on the walls giving it a sense of city pride.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill- Entrance - The entrance was expanded to add a glass partitioned waiting room. The floor was lowered in the dining area enabling hadicap customers access instead of placing them in the bar area. A window (etched with city scenes) was added to the center dining area allowing visual access for employees.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill- Reception - A custom-made pendant was designed with 15 desk lamps to be placed over a custom-made reception desk. A ramp was added for access to the bar area. The wall mural etched on the back wall gives it a cohesive look throughout the space.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill- Front Elevation - The entrance was moved over to the far left to expand the exterior dining area. Exterior louvered doors replaced old windows in the bar area. These doors can be opened during warmer weather to expand the dining area in the bar. Newly designed aluminum fence, awnings, and umbrellas were added. Battleship gray exterior color was updated to a more contemporary color.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill- Boardroom - The boardroom was designed to allow large parties or business meetings. When not reserved, the space can be used for general dining. Custom tiles can be written on with erasable markers. The pendants were also customized to resemble bent folders. The menu is written on the table rolodex.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill- Vignette - Clean lines were used to design the bench seating. Light boxes were placed at each station to give a nod to the past since the restaurant has very deep roots in the community.
The Office Beer Bar & Grill

The Office Beer Bar & Grill chain is located throughout New Jersey.

Jody Amsden, LEED...
Adjunct Professor of Design Cleveland, OH