Skoda Octavia car key
Punching Machine
Punching Machine
Punching Machine3
Vacuum Cleaner
Digital Camera with 3 objectives
Digital Camera with 3 objectives_b
Digital Camera with 3 objectives_c
Snowboard graphic
Centropen Marker
Vibrate Sender
Audio System
Audio System_b
Audio System_c
Audio System_d
Audio System_e
Audio system ergonomics
MP3 player
PC case
Dream house interior
Bar Chair
Experimental musical instrument
Experimental musical instrument_b
Pilsner Urquell Pup guide
Laboratory Centrifuge
Laboratory Centrifuge_c
Laboratory Centrifuge_b
Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer_b
Pressure Washer_ergonomics
Pressure Washer_ergonomics_b
Welding machine
Welding machine_b
Welding machine_c
Mobile Internet Device for Intel
Mobile Internet Device for Intel_b
Mobile Internet Device for Intel_c
Mobile Internet Device for Intel_d
Mobile Internet Device for Intel_e
Modern Interior
Relaxing Lounge for Vitra
Relaxing Lounge for Vitra_b
Stylized sheet of paper
University Projects / Concepts

These are projects I have created during my studies of industrial design on Brno University of Technology

Jan Rytir
Ing. Czech Republic