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Thicker description of the service concept.
Service blueprint shoving its different steps.
Sketches for how Kolmas paikka -spaces could occupy unused commercial spaces in malls etc. and thereby increase the footfall in them.
A sketch of an occupied unused indoor space.
A sketch of a specifically for the Kolmas paikka -project designed space in an existing public location. To be developed later, as the project advances.
Concept roadmap depicting a plausible development for the project.
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3P. Kolmas paikka

The 3P Kolmas paikka -project was a user-inspired design exercise under the topic 'Piazza'. After the initial exploration of the theme, our team focused on integrating the elderly into public space in Tapiola, Espoo, developing a design concept that aims to facilitate the use of public space by the elderly and integration with the wider­ community.

Our findings from field observations, in-situ interviews and design probe study guided us to focus on integrating the elderly more into the public space and with the wider community, as to broaden the fabric of city dwellers and -activities to include the whole age spectrum of people and activities outside commercial and functional.

Design drivers: Integration, Visibility, Productive Relaxing, Self-Regulation, Accessibility

Teamwork with Milla Toukkari, Otto Miettinen, Joanne Lin and Sam Dunne.
Tutor: Professor Tuuli Mattelmäki

University of Art and Design Helsinki, fall 2009.

Jari-Pekka Kola
Industrial Designer Helsinki, Finland