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A service system concept to reclaim neglected public space for use by the Milanese inhabitants, especially the elderly.
Stating the problem and proposed solutions. The problem selected is derived based on affinity among the individual case studies by the group members.
Map of actors involved in the designed service system.
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I.M.P.Y is a design brief developed after a research on social
innovation cases.

The objective was to develop a social innovation into a product
service system that would be also commercially sound.
After individual case studies this strategic design exercise was team work with:
Giuditta Vendrame
Simona De Rosa
Yu Hao

My responsibility was on the system design along with Giuditta and
Simona and developing the strategic- and business plans in order
to render the case economically viable.

Jari-Pekka Kola
Industrial Designer Helsinki, Finland