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Approaching rehabilitation of the dalle through lightning.
Map of focal points and residential areas on the dalle indicating where orientation and change of atmosphere are necessary.
Pattern exploration. A hexagonal shape was chosen as it allows patterns to continue in all directions and allows for fluid changes in appearance.
Samples of concrete paving exploring different surface treatments, light reflection and lightning via fiber optics.
Project shown in the Argenteuil town hall. With a couple of asphalt versions of the paving and the mold used for their making.
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La dalle d´Argenteuil

A concept design project on the rehabilitation of la dalle d´Argenteuil, a large residential area near Paris, built on a deck above streets and parking spaces.

This project concerns the exploration of the possibilities of flooring in improving quality of living in the area.

The project aims at creating gentle and discreet guidance and changing atmosphere in the area via fluidly changing surface granulation, material and lightning of paving.

Teamwork with Charlotte Poupon.
ENSCI - Les Aterliers, 2008.

Tutors: Designer Guillaume Bardet, Architect Aurelien Lemonier and Designer/assistant Valerie Druet.

Jari-Pekka Kola
Industrial Designer Helsinki, Finland