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'Poly Animaux Helmet' in assorted leather - Made of remnants of Nile Perchskin, Stingray, Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard and Snake, this unique helmet is entirely hand-blocked and hand-stitched!

photo by Rudi Amedeus
'Art Deco Princess Hat' in Paris Cloth Straw - Watch how I sculpted this banana stalk fiber based straw at

photo by Rudi Amedeus
'Révolution Française Hat' - Black and white crinoline with black horsehair tubing and two turkey feathers on a white lace base

Completely hand-draped freeform on the head and then hand-stitched

photo by Rudi Amedeus
'Madame Butterfly Hat' - Black and white pleated crinoline on a white lace base, completely hand-draped and hand-stitched, one of a kind

photo by Rudi Amedeus
'Black Wedding Hat' - Black Nile Perchskin with draped freshwater pearls, grey petersham ribbon, black tulle, hand-carved abalone, and white ostrich feathers.

Completely hand-blocked and hand-stitched.

photo by Rudi Amedeus
Conceptual Headwear by Jasmin Zorlu

This headwear collection was commissioned by a photographer for a personal project. Materials utilized in the sculptural pieces include Aquatic leather like Nile Perchskin and Stingray, Freshwater pearls, Horsehair, Lace, and Abaca straw. They are all hand blocked and hand stitched.

Jasmin Zorlu
Accessories Designer New York, NY